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There are several pros to using a private electrical contractor to install a private power pole for your new home or development. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Cost: Private power poles are generally less expensive to install than underground electrical systems. This is because they do not require the extensive excavation and other labor-intensive tasks that are necessary for underground installations.

  2. Speed: Private power poles can be installed much more quickly than underground electrical systems. This is because they do not require the same level of preparation and can typically be installed in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.

  3. Reliability: Private power poles are generally more reliable than underground electrical systems. This is because they are less prone to damage from weather or other external factors, and they are easier to access and repair if problems do occur.

  4. Flexibility: Private power poles are more flexible than underground electrical systems, as they can be easily relocated or modified as needed. This is useful for homeowners who may want to make changes to their electrical system in the future.

Overall, using a private electrical contractor to install a private power pole can be a cost-effective, fast, and reliable solution for your new home or development.

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Spencer ConnellSpencer Connell
06:32 25 May 23
Ben and the team were fantastic. Quick turn around and good price. I can highly recommend them.
Carleen ArnoldCarleen Arnold
04:25 12 Apr 23
It was a pleasure to deal with Ben. He was prompt to respond and explained the situation clearly. Would highly recommend his services.
Branka CBranka C
04:12 09 Mar 23
Very professional and great customer service. Ben is always available and ready to help.Very efficient.
Annabel DoddsAnnabel Dodds
07:39 26 Feb 23
Overhead Electrical were absolutely fantastic - always professional, polite and managed to accomplish a really tricky re-route of some external electrical cabling that needed to be hidden within a double brick wall. I would wholeheartedly recommend these guys as the process was so smooth, and the result was fantastic. Awesome job! Can't thank you guys enough!
John BensonJohn Benson
23:04 22 Feb 23
Ben and the team replaced our main board from the old, small asbestos one and upgraded the cabling to the attachment point to 25mm after a PV solar installation. Professional, friendly and efficient. They did a neat job and cleaned up everything after them. Good communication. Prices in line with the two other quotes we got. Recommend them.
Steve PozelSteve Pozel
20:56 05 Jan 23
Ben and his team were OUTSTANDING. Ben is incredibly professional, prompt and clear in communicating with clients and kept to the quote even as challenges and 'curve balls' came their way. He's supported by a great team - from other electricians who worked efficiently together - to his truly super power, Colette who manages things in the background - navigates the client and team through the process with such skill and diplomacy (I could so benefit from a Colette in my life on a regular basis!).
Ross WotherspoonRoss Wotherspoon
06:57 08 Nov 22
We had Ben and team upgrade our house to 3 phase power and do a complete switchboard upgrade. They also wired and installed an induction cooker. They were professional, punctual and did an exceptional job. We would highly recommend Overhead Electrical to anyone who needs a 'fuss free' experience.

You can Trust Our Full Service Electrical Contractors for underground power installations

What is an underground electrical system?

Similar to overhead service cables, an underground system serves as its main source of power – however, the cables run underground and are attached to the property’s meter box. For some new suburbs, subdivisions and homes in Sydney’s CBD, underground electrical systems are compulsory and can be single or three-phase supplied.

The benefits of choosing an underground service lines

Expertly buried by a Level 2 Electrician, underground power lines:

  • Are less prone to damage from tree branches, high wind and icy conditions from extreme weather.
  • Provide greater reliability and improvements in the quality of supply.
  • Reduce power supply surges to overhead line faults and damage to sensitive electrical equipment inside your home.
  • Boast a lower transmission loss and have the ability to absorb emergency power loads.
  • Keep your power lines out of site, and out of mind.
  • Enhance the streetscape due to the removal of poles and wiring, increasing the potential resale value of your home.
  • Offer a safer neighbourhood environment by reducing safety hazards caused by severed wires.
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The installation process for underground electrical wiring

The installation process for underground electrical wiring typically involves the following steps:

  1. Planning and preparation: Before any work begins, it is important to carefully plan and prepare for the installation. This may involve obtaining necessary permits and approvals, marking the location of underground utilities, and creating a detailed plan for the installation.

  2. Excavation: The next step is to excavate a trench for the underground wiring. This may be done using a variety of tools such as a backhoe or a trenching machine. This is done by our partner – PR Plumbing & Drainage.

  3. Installing conduit: Once the trench has been excavated, it is time to install the conduit that will contain the electrical wiring. Conduit is a tube or pipe that is used to protect and route electrical cables. It is important to choose the right type of conduit for the application and to install it properly to ensure that it is able to protect the wiring.

  4. Pulling wire: Once the conduit is in place, the electrical wire can be pulled through it. This may be done manually or using a machine such as a wire puller.

  5. Splicing and terminating: After the wire has been pulled through the conduit, it will need to be spliced and terminated at the appropriate locations. This may involve making connections, installing electrical boxes, and installing outlets or switches.

  6. Testing and inspection: Once the wiring has been installed and terminated, it is important to test the system to ensure that it is functioning properly. This may involve using specialized testing equipment to check for any issues such as shorts or open circuits.

It is important to note that installing underground electrical wiring can be a complex and potentially hazardous process, and it is recommended to work with a qualified and experienced electrician to ensure that it is done safely and correctly.

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