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Collaroy Beach, Sydney, NSW, 2099
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02 Apr, 2021
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Tennis Court Lighting Upgrades for the Northern Beaches

If you’re based on the Northern Beaches, then chances are you enjoy going for a swim and taking in the hot sun. But you may also like other activities too, like playing tennis with friends, family and other competitors. To make sure your tennis court is looking the best it can and running as efficiently as possible, we recommend upgrading your setup with light emitting diodes (or LEDs). 

Want a clear view when you step up to serve? Check out this blog from the team at Overhead Electrical.

Great vision, at all times

One of the key reasons to upgrade your court with LED lights is because they provide for a clear view at all times. This means you can enjoy better visibility in comparison to courts that have older lighting systems, such as metal halides. The reason for this is that advanced technology means manufacturers can now build LED designs that produce greater levels of brightness. Better yet, these lights are more functional, allowing for easy redirection at certain angles. The outcome? A more consistent level of illumination, so everyone can serve, volley and smash with ease. 

Lower energy bills

Want to save money on your next energy bill? LED lights are the perfect option because they are cheaper to buy, repair and run when compared to traditional alternatives. But how does it all work? Firstly, the mass production of LED lights means manufacturers can produce more units at a lower cost (with the savings being passed onto customers). Secondly, innovative designs have slashed the number of defective products sold, leading to greater consistency across the board. And thirdly, installation is easy. In fact, you don’t even need to replace the tennis court light pole to put them in as LEDs give off a low level of heat and actually lighten the weight of fixtures. Oh, and we almost forgot! LEDs are cheaper to run, meaning your energy company won’t need to supply as much power, and you’ll save on your monthly bills. 

Better for the planet

Harderend eco-warriors and earth-conscious consumers alike will love the fact that LED lights are better for the planet. This comes down to the idea that the newer bulbs require less power to run, meaning less demand is placed on power plants and less greenhouse gas emissions are released into the environment. In fact, 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. This means you get better performance for less effort. They also last up to 25% longer than standard halogens. The end result? You can light your Northern Beaches tennis court for longer, without sacrificing the environment. 

Want to brighten up your court and save money at the same time?

The team at Overhead Electrical can help with tennis court lighting upgrades. We work across the Northern Beaches and always provide the best level of service to customers. Look to us for a range of services including private power pole installation, underground power installation, football field lighting installation and more. Get in touch today by calling 0409 017 436 or complete a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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