Underground Power Installation

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Underground Power Installation in Sydney

When choosing power utilities for a new home or development, you have to choose between an overhead power pole or underground electrical system.

While over 93% of Australian homes utilise an overhead service cable, recent government intervention has seen underground electrical systems become increasingly more popular in Sydney homes.

What is an underground electrical system?

Similar to overhead service cables, an underground system serves as its main source of power – however, the cables run underground and are attached to the property’s meter box. For some new suburbs, subdivisions and homes in Sydney’s CBD, underground electrical systems are compulsory and can be single or three-phase supplied. 

The benefits of choosing an underground service lines

Expertly buried by a Level 2 Electrician, underground power lines: 

  • Are less prone to damage from tree branches, high wind and icy conditions from extreme weather. 
  • Provide greater reliability and improvements in the quality of supply.
  • Reduce power supply surges to overhead line faults and damage to sensitive electrical equipment inside your home.
  • Boast a lower transmission loss and have the ability to absorb emergency power loads.
  • Keep your power lines out of site, and out of mind.
  • Enhance the streetscape due to the removal of poles and wiring, increasing the potential resale value of your home.
  • Offer a safer neighbourhood environment by reducing safety hazards caused by severed wires. 

The installation process for underground electrical wiring

In order to install underground electrical work, a range of tools and materials are required, including a screwdriver, wrench, drill and spade. You will also need electrical, waterproofing wiring, metal or plastic conduit fittings and a service entrance ell.

When installing underground wiring, you have a few options which depend on how much power you want and the soil type on your property. You can choose to dig deep or keep your digging to a minimum. You will also need a permit – which if you choose Overhead Electrical , this is something we have.

The step-by-step installation process

  • Step 1: Choose your depth
    • Underground cabling can be installed a range of ways and will depend on the type of wiring and conduit used.
  • Step 2: Bury in the ground 
    • Galvanised conduit should be used for 6 inch trenches.
    • GFCI-protected underground feeder cable and PVC conduit can be used for a 12 inch trench.
    • For an 18 inch trench, use THWN-2 conductors inside PVC conduit.

Bury and underground feeder cable using PVC conduit for a 24 inch trench.   

Upgrade to underground service lines

Based in Sydney, the team at Overhead Electrical can help you make the switch to underground power today. Highly skilled in the trade, we can work to upgrade your system and ensure that it is running smoothly.

Contact the team today to discuss your project further and receive a free quote.

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