4 reasons why you should always choose a qualified electrician (and avoid cash-in-hand jobs)

We get it. Everyone wants to save a few bucks here and there. And one way of doing that is by getting a tool-handy mate to help out with your electrical jobs. But did you know that this can be potentially life threatening to you and your loved ones? While you may be able to save some money, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Keep reading this blog from the team at Overhead Electrical to find out why.


1. Low quality of work 

While you may be tempted by the convenience of a cash-in-hand job, it’s important to remember that you’ll get what you pay for. So when you choose to go down this route, chances are the quality of work that you’ll get back will be sub par. And while a flickering light or two might not sound like the end of the world, your family could be put at serious risk when it comes to other electrical jobs. Whether it’s a poorly installed circuit, powerboards or anything else, it’s critical that you choose a trusted (and qualified) pair of hands to keep the people you care about safe and sound. Why? Because electrocution and fires can easily be caused when shortcuts are taken.


2. Lack of certification

Cash jobs are usually offered by electricians who don’t have the required certifications to operate. This is a problem because without this, they are unable to work to industry standards, which compromises both your safety and theirs. What’s more, if you do choose this option, there will be no record of the work carried out, meaning if things do go wrong, you won’t be able to take the tradie to a tribunal should you want to dispute the outcome of a job.


3. No insurance

Like with any work, insurance is key to ensuring everyone is protected, should disaster strike. So if you opt for a cash-in-hand job, you’ll be in a world of trouble if you need to make a claim regarding your home. This is because there will be no receipt or proof of work having been carried out, which means your insurance provider won’t be willing to come to the table in the event of damages being caused. What’s worse, the tradie themselves likely won’t have insurance either.


4. Relationship problems

In many situations, cash jobs are carried out by a friend you may know or even a family member. And while this may sound like a great idea at the time, it can end in a world of disaster. For instance, arguments and misunderstandings can easily arise when you work with people close to you, and you don’t have a clear contract or mutual agreement from the outset. What’s worse, when and if things go wrong, and damage is caused to your home, without certification or insurance, the situation can quickly escalate and cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention your relationship with the person in question.


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