The Importance of LED Tennis Court Lighting

As a tennis player, it can be hard to decide which time of day to get your practice in. Some prefer getting their exercise in before work, while others would rather go for a hit in the evening. 

Whether you run a community sports club, private gym or have a tennis court at home, it’s important to cater to those who may want to play tennis even after the sun goes down. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure safety to get the most out of an evening workout is by providing optimal lighting. Read on to learn more about LED tennis court lighting, the benefits and how you can easily fit out your courts with Overhead Electrical.

Is playing tennis at night common?

While players may take to the court when it’s still sunny out, there are a range of reasons why players prefer to play tennis. Players may find they’re more warmed up and flexible because of their daily activities. When playing tennis in the evening, you also avoid the heat of the sun, which can sometimes impact game play by causing dehydration or impacting visibility due to sun rays. 

The benefits of LED court lighting     

To create a safe environment for players in the evening, investing in LED tennis court lighting is a must. This is the most common type of tennis court lighting as the long life of the bulb provides true colour rendition and reasonable running costs.

High-quality and affordable, LED lighting provides ultra-bright illumination that is 3 to 4 times brighter than the conventional lamp. With an amazing lifetime of 50,000+ hours, LED lighting solutions are reliable and long-lasting, proving to be beneficial investment for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

Other benefits of LED court lighting include better visibility because advances in technology produce greater levels of brightness. They also come with low running costs and may actually save you money in the long run. They can also be installed without having to replace the actual tennis light pole as they lighten the weight of fixtures and produce low heat—which can save you time and money when it comes to installation.

Implementing LED tennis court lighting

Looking to upgrade your indoor or outdoor tennis court lighting? Having completed multiple projects across the Sydney Northern Beaches area, Overhead Electrical can help you install LED lights on your courts that have comparatively cheap running costs, lower carbon emissions and a longer lifespan.

With us, installing LED lighting for your tennis court is simple. As a team of accredited level 2 electricians, we are authorised to provide services and install overhead services. Delivering great quality LED lights for indoor and outdoor tennis setups for any size court.

For more information on our LED tennis court lighting installation and other services, call us on 0409 017 436 to chat about how we can help with your court lighting requirements. Save money, improve your lighting and get in touch for a free consultation.