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Our long time customers Darryl & Shelly in freshwater called overhead electrical to discuss a new kitchen fit out they where planning to do.
With all the new fancy electrical appliances available on the market, what some people don’t realise they tend to draw a lot of power. Electric Ovens, Steam ovens, Induction cooktops they all need dedicated circuits run from the switchboard and be protected by safety switches.
Darryl and I have had plenty on discussions over the years, that we recommend his switchboard needed some TLC. He just couldn’t justify spending money on a steel box that sat outside, the powers working, why do we need to change it right?
Wrong, What Darryl didn’t know was the electrical switchboard is actually the brains of the house, without a well functioning switchboard your lights, power, hot water wont work, and your home may not be electrically safe.
At first glance, it may be look fine, but there are some components you may not see at first glance or you may not know what your looking for, which may one day save a life. Or you faced with unwanted emergency weekend callouts to rectify the issue. Darryl thought it was time to upgrade the switchboard while doing the kitchen, while no one was living in the house during the kitchen renovations.

Switchboard Upgrade:

  • Disconnect & remove all metering and circuit breaker equipment.
  • Recess new galvanised switchboard enclosure.
  • Make Upstairs living wiring seperate to downstairs flat.
  • Installation of all new metering protection devices.
  • Installation of all new safety switches/ RCBO’s on all circuits.
  • Installation of new earthing electrode and water pipe bond.

Kitchen Renovation:

  • New Induction Cooktop circuit protected by a RCBO
  • New Oven Circuit protected by a RCBO
  • New Power Circuit supplying all kitchen power points
  • New LED down lights


If your unsure about the condition of your switchboard,
Call the team at Overhead Electrical we are happy to provide our customers with a FREE Electrical in house safety report.

Are you electrically safe? Not sure?
Call your honest, local electrician, Overhead Electrical.

Ben Hodge