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25 Mar, 2020
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How to Reduce Energy Usage at Home

While a lot of people want to reduce the amount of energy that they use at home, many remain unsure of how to actually go about doing it. The good news, however, is that with just a few simple changes you can make a big difference to what appears on your monthly meter. Check out this post to learn more and we promise that you won’t be left in the dark. 

Guide to Reduce Energy usage at Home

1. LED light fittings

Despite offering inferior results and higher running costs, many Australians continue to use outdated globes in their homes. The problem being that such globes require a lot of energy to run, are expensive to use and break sooner when compared to other alternatives. Upgrading your home with LED light fittings is one great way of addressing the above issues. In fact, LEDs use 75% less energy when compared to incandescent models and they last up to 25 times longer too. The benefits don’t just apply inside, either, with LED lights making a great option for outdoor tennis courts that need standout illumination and visibility. By switching to LED lights, you’ll enjoy better performance, lower running costs and improved energy efficiency across the board. Natural lighting

While installing energy efficient lighting is a great idea, you can take things a step further by adding more sources of natural light throughout your home. For example, home owners can install windows and skylights in dark rooms that usually require several electric lights to brighten. Not only will this allow you to switch off more often, but it’ll also provide a beautiful view of your surroundings. When combined with an LED light fitout, incorporating natural light throughout your home is a smart way to stay energy efficient.

2. Energy efficient appliances

A simple thing that many people overlook is the importance of purchasing energy efficient appliances. Basically, smart models perform better, require less energy to operate and will subsequently bring down your power bills. How can you make a smart choice when it comes to such appliances? By using the 10 star energy rating system. This easily identifiable system provides an overview of how much energy a certain item uses over the course of its life. With a little bit of consideration, you’ll be able to make a sound investment that lowers your energy consumption. Remember, when it comes to washing machines, fridges and everything in between, the more stars the better!  

3. Get an energy assessment

To really get on top of things at home, getting in touch with an experienced electrician is always a good idea. These professionals can assess your house and identify areas or appliances that are going through more than their fair share of power. Be it greedy air conditioners, hungry stereos or anything else, this will help you to reduce your impact upon the planet, and it’ll also go a long way towards lowering the digits on your next electrical bill. 

Speak to the qualified team at Overhead Electrical

If you need help lowering the amount of energy that your home uses, then get in touch with the friendly experts at Overhead Electrical. Our level 2 electricians can help with all manner of work and know how to save customers money on their power bills. Whether it’s through LED light fitting or a whole home assessment, we can make a real difference for the better.   

Call today on 0409 017 436 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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