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07 Aug, 2020
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Fireproofing Private Power Poles

Private power poles provide for a range of benefits and are becoming more and more popular throughout the country. Primarily, homeowners appreciate the fact that they provide for improved safety and look better from a visual perspective. However, as with all electrical supply systems, it’s important to stay on top of any potential hazards that can come out about. The risk of fires in particular is something that should never be underestimated. Keep reading to find out more about fireproofing your private power pole with this blog from Overhead Electrical.

Why do we need to fireproof private power poles?

In simple terms, fireproofing of private power poles is important because it reduces the risk of electrical fire hazards that can cause serious damage to property and harm (or death) to occupants. Fireproofing can also safeguard you from power outages – which will in most cases occur if there is a fire. It could take days, weeks or even months to get things restored again should disaster strike. By taking the following steps you can improve safety, protect supply and save a lot of money.

What steps can you take to help with fireproofing?

The good news for property owners is that by following this simple process, you can greatly reduce the chance of your private power pole creating a fire. Start by assessing the location of the structure to determine any factors that could contribute to the situation arising. For instance, if there are trees and bushes nearby, then you may want to think about doing some regular trimming of branches and foliage. You can also apply pesticides to stop such vegetation from growing in the space around the power pole. Doing this will remove potential fuel that can start a fire. Other things that you can do include grubbing the pole and removing any flammable materials from the general area. 

Further options for fireproofing

Go underground

You may decide to go underground with your power lines, and have them buried below the surface of the earth. This can be expensive and difficult in some regards, as you’ll have to get council permission and ensure you aren’t interfering with any pipes. 

Upgrade your power pole

Homeowners can upgrade to a different private power pole altogether, that is fire resistant and less likely to lead to any issues. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that timber designs are the most susceptible to fire, and that steel or composite options are the best at preventing them. More specifically, Titan composite power poles provide for a range of benefits and make for a great investment. They are completely fireproof, termite proof and rust proof, giving you total peace of mind and confidence in your setup. 

Private power pole installation and maintenance services

If you need help with private power pole installation and maintenance, then Overhead Electrical can help. We provide a standout service to customers and always work to an exceptional standard. Whether you need help with smoke alarms and safety switches or anything else, know that our friendly team is always available when you require assistance. Chat to our level 2 electricians today and know that you’ll be more than impressed by what we have to offer. Call today on 0409 017 436 or complete a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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