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19 Jun, 2021
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COVID-19: Creating An Energy Efficient Home

Want to create an energy-efficient home during COVID-19? You’re not alone. With power prices rising and costly bills adding up, there’s never been a better time to make some financially smart and practical changes around the home. And the best part is the process is quick and easy. To get started, check out our guide below.


One of the key things to get right when it comes to reducing energy usage in your home is insulation. Basically, with a good setup in place, you won’t need to spend anywhere near as much money on air conditioning during winter and summer. So what do we suggest? Focus on insulating your ceiling, walls and doorways as these are all areas that are prone to letting both cool and hot air into your home. Remember that there are a number of government initiatives in place to help with the installation of insulation so be sure to check if you are eligible for support. 

Hang out your washing

While simple enough, you’d be surprised how much of a culprit washing machines and dryers are when it comes to adding to your power bill each month. To avoid this issue, we recommend using a clothes line where possible to dry your washing. Not only will this lower your energy usage, and subsequent bills, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. During the colder months, when drying your clothes outside isn’t really an option, you can always opt to use a clothes horse or rack inside. If you’re really in a pinch and you need to get your clothes dry, head down to the local laundromat and drop a few spare coins into the machines. 

Purchase energy efficient appliances

Ever wondered what’s costing you an arm and a leg each time you get billed by your power company? Chances are there’s a few major culprits hiding in your home. One of the biggest being your washer and dryer, which can really rack up a few dollars on your bill. Heating and cooling units, lighting and fridges can also add to things in a big way. The solution? Opt for energy efficient appliances where you can. The best way of doing this is by purchasing products that have a high energy efficiency star rating. This relates to how much power is required to operate a certain device, and the more stars listed on the front, the better it performs. The best options may cost a little more from the outset, but the overall savings in time always make it a worthwhile investment.

Speak to an experienced electrician

The final tip we can give you? Reach out to an experienced electrician for a thorough energy assessment of your home. At Overhead Electrical, our team specialises in detecting issues with wiring, electrical systems, insulation, appliances and more. Call today or complete an online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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