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27 Feb, 2020
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6 Electrical Tips That Will Save You Money

If your power bill is giving you a nasty shock each month, then it might be time to consider making some simple changes around the house that will reduce energy usage. From replacing light fittings to turning appliances off after use, the team at Overhead Electrical has got you covered. Keep reading below for 6 electrical tips that will save you money.

Top 6 electrical tips that will save you money

1. Unplug and turn off

Be sure to turn off any electrical appliances or devices that aren’t being used and your back pocket will be truly grateful. This tip relates to the idea of ‘standby loss’ – where a device uses energy even when it isn’t technically on. By getting in the habit of unplugging things after use, you can reduce the amount of power that your home requires.

2. Install appliances that are energy efficient

Purchasing energy efficient appliances can make a big difference to the overall power usage of your home, and there are plenty of options to choose from. These days, you can purchase everything from energy efficient washing machines to energy efficient microwaves. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the 10 star energy rating system and select a model that clocks a great score.

3. Switch out your light fittings

Getting rid of old light bulbs in favour of LED alternatives is a great idea that will reduce your power bill and put money back in your pocket. The reason for this is that LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent ones. Not only that, but they also last up to 25 times longer. You can easily retrofit the globes in your home by calling an expert electrician who will make short work of the process. You’ll enjoy better illumination and be doing your part for the environment too.

4. Give your air conditioner a break

Sure, it may be tempting to flick your air conditioner on when the temperature begins to rise, but did you know that these devices use a significant amount of energy? Invest in heat reflective shutters or curtains to reduce your dependence on an air conditioning unit and watch as the dollar figure drops on your next bill. You could always hit the beach or swimming pool too!

5. Use a clothes line

Clothes dryers are great for getting your favourite tops dry and ready for wear, but they’re not really a necessity during the warmer months. Do your part for your power bill (and the environment) by saying no to the clothes dryer and opt for a good old fashioned clothes line instead. All you’ll need are a bunch of pegs, a string line and of course some nice weather. Stuck indoors without a backyard? Feel free to set up a clotheshorse in your house or apartment.

6. Call an expert electrician to inspect your home

While you can do a lot to cut household power usage yourself, it’s always a good idea to contact an experienced electrician who can do a thorough assessment of your home to determine areas that can be improved. Whether it’s a power hungry dishwasher or a sneaky stereo going rogue in standby mode, a professional sparky can get to the bottom of any problems and offer the best advice. 

Level 2 electricians are just a phone call away

The team at Overhead Electrical can help if you’re struggling with costly power bills that are hurting your bank balance. Get in touch with us today for a thorough inspection of your home and you’ll be more than impressed. We can also complete a range of level 2 services that will have you up and running in no time at all. Fill out our contact form or call today on 0409 017 436 to find out more. 

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