3 Phase Power Upgrade

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Upgrade electricity supply 3 Phasein SydneyProviding higher power density, while phase 3 upgrades are most common for manufacturing and commercial enterprises, they can be useful in residential homes as well. It’s quite common in older homes to run into a situation where 3 phase power may be required.

This flexible form of power may be required in your home – here are the main reasons why you might need to make the switch:

  • Having a new air conditioner installed
  • Replacing your oven
  • Machinery that requires 3 phase power is being installed
  • Your old service is dangerous or defected

The advantages of 3 phase upgrades

3 phase upgrades can offer a range of advantages over single phase power, including:

  • Your power supply will never drop to zero.
  • Due to less vibration, electric equipment and appliances run by 3 phase power typically last longer.
  • You will see a decline in energy loss.
  • While it has a similar amount of current as single phase power, it has the capability to generate more power.
  • It is cheaper to run, as there are less cabling and gadgets.
  • Single phase power supply can be easily upgraded to 3 phase at any time.

What’s involved upgrading your power supply

Some jobs can be done using the switchboard, but other jobs may be more complex and may require consumer mains to the underground or overhead cables. After finishing your upgrade, we will remove all rubbish, clear the site, and ensure all new equipment is properly labelled for your convenience. 

3 phase power upgrade FAQs

How much does it cost to upgrade to 3 phase power?

The cost to upgrade to 3 phase power can vary depending on a range of factors including: your current power system, power line setup, home age, etc. Installation can be costly – but oftentimes the benefits of 3 phase power outweigh the expenses. 

Is 3 phase power more expensive to run?

No, it doesn’t. Billing for 3 phase power is based on energy consumption, not the way your home is wired. Your energy bill is based on the number of kilowatts used, so the phase of power installed won’t really affect the cost. 

When should I make the switch to 3 phase power?

If you’re on the fence, contact the professionals at Overhead Electrical. Our friendly team of experts can advise on if your property has 3 phase power and the best ways to help you make the switch today!

Upgrade your electricity supply to 3 phase

As an Accredited Level 2 service provider, the team at Overhead Electric based in Sydney, can help upgrade your electric supply to 3 phase power. Highly skilled in our profession, we can work to not only upgrade your system, but also to ensure that it is running smoothly.

Contact the team today to discuss your project further and receive a free quote.

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Creative Electrician

Ours was a difficult job. We required an creative electrician who could work out how best to deliver power to our site. Ben Hodge and his team were fantastic. Clean, Prompt, No Mess. If you want a professional electrician, go with the best - Overhead Electrical.
Mike Burgess CEO / Scott & Broad Pty Ltd

Commitment to detail

We have used Ben’s services on a number of occasions and have been most impressed with his commitment to detail. He handled the electrical work for a major kitchen renovation at our home and did a terrific job. He worked well with all the various trades and made sure that the job was completed on time and to our complete satisfaction. We retain Ben’s services for ongoing maintenance work and would have no hesitation recommending him to future clients.
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Ben has done a number of jobs for us over the years. From simple fixing of broken sockets, right through to redoing all of our lights and fans throughout our house. At all times he has provided clear quotations, he is professional, he's efficient his craft is excellent and he's also a good guy. We happily plan our projects around his availabilities, but he also helps when timings aren't on our side and things need to be fixed
Amy & James
Ben advised us on lighting on the outside of our home after years of no action from us. When the plan was agreed within 1 day everything was completed. No fuss and no mess. He also put in a weather proof outlet for our caravan. The lights look fantastic. The price was very good and the service terrific. We'll be using Ben from here on.
Louise & David