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Electrical Supply on Construction Sites
Temporary Electricity Supply for Sydney Construction Sites or Property

Look no further than Overhead Electrical to solve your power problems. Our team is made up of friendly, level two accredited professionals who know how to get the job done, each and every time. We can conduct a comprehensive system assessment, identify and respond to defects, upgrade your current setup and carry out regular maintenance for peace-of-mind. If you need help with a temporary electricity supply for construction sites, then we are the people to call. Reach out today and let’s chat about how our skills can match your power needs.

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Standard and safety requirements for electrical supply on construction sites

All temporary supply installations must meet relevant clauses in the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 and any subsequent amendments; and Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000: Electrical Installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules).

They should also meet Northpower network standards and Worksafe NZ safety requirements.

Upon installation, a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) must be completed before the supply can be livened.

Getting temporary power for your construction site

Getting temporary power for your site is an involved process and time should be budgeted accordingly. Being prepared and following the steps below can ensure that your site is powered and running as quickly as possible.

Temporary Power for Your Construction Site

Step 1: Choosing the right temporary power company

This company will work with you to determine the power solutions needed on your site. There are a few questions you can ask to better understand the calibre of service they can provide including:

  • What levels of service do you reccomend? (This will depend on how much power you need, how long you require service and how many different power locations you require.)
  • How quickly will you respond should my site lose power?
  • Can you provide consistent and reliable power?
  • What types of systems do you maintain and what’s included?
  • Do I have any backup generator options and what are they?
  • How are you different from other power solution companies?

You will likely want to gather quotes from a few different companies. Overhead Electrical offers competitively priced construction site temporary electrical supplies services. For more information or a free quote – fill out our online contact form and someone will be in touch.

Step 2: Arrange a site visit

After contacting a power company, you should schedule a site visit so they can assess:

  • What is being built
  • If there are any trailers in use and the sizes
  • If special equipment is required such as, tower cranes, man-lifts or other 480 volt power needs
  • The duration of the job
    Utility sources available and their locations
  • Where power supply will be required on site

Step 3: Get a proposal and quote

Once the power company has designed a layout for the job, they can prepare a quote which should include:

  • A design map and approved layout
  • Equipment needed to supply power
  • Potential exclusions and pricing

Step 4: Verify the site layout with power company

Once a proposal has been approved, a second site visit will be conducted to verify the layout and ensure nothing has changed. The temporary power company will then handle all scheduling and permit activities, including:

  • System budgeting and planning
  • System design and coordination
  • Inspection
  • Permit processing
  • Utility fees management and verification

Step 5: Power installation

Now that all the prep work has been completed, your temporary power system can be installed per the agreed date and layout.

Step 6: Inspection and power connection

After installation, a few construction temporary power boxes need to be ticked to ensure everything is up to code before work begins. Once the system paces a final inspection the utility company will be notified and schedule a time to make final connections for your site.

Step 7: Schedule routine visits to ensure safety

Throughout the course of construction, a lot can happen – from layout changes to equipment damages, additional equipment or power supply may be required last minute. Your construction temporary power supply company will make routine visits to ensure the job site is running as it should be to ensure power supply does not affect the building schedule for your project.

Temporary Electricity Supply for Your Construction Site
Customer care makes us a reliable temporary power supplier

We have experience servicing a range of sites across the Sydney area. From Manly to Northern Sydney Beaches, no matter your site location, the team at Overhead Electrical can provide you with a high quality temporary electrical supply.

You won’t be disappointed when you choose to work with our fantastic team. We pride ourselves on being honest, dedicated and responsible when it comes to any undertakings on your property. Everything that we do is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can relax and feel comfortable. Our contractors understand the importance of treating clients with care throughout the entire process and this is always genuine.

Furthermore, we are doing our bit to protect the community and slow the spread of COVID-19 in Sydney. We do this by taking a proactive approach: all our electricians are up-to-date with all government legislation regarding the virus, including maintaining the required 1.5 metres social distancing where possible, as well as undertaking strict personal hygiene measures. Not only that, but we have all completed the COVID-19 infection control training by the Department of Health. When you book with Overhead Electrical, you are getting peace of mind as well as premium service.

Offering a range of solutions to power issues

We can solve a range of Level 2 electrical problems through private power pole installation. Speak to one of our friendly staff and we can put into place the best response for your needs. It’s second nature to us and our goal is to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Enjoy our on-spot quotes and trust that there is no obligation to continue with our services unless you are absolutely happy. Competitive pricing across our services means that you won’t be stuck with a nasty bill at the end of the day.

Safety switch installation is easy for our team of experts.

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Reach out to our expert team and we will solve all of your power problems. We pride ourselves on offering quality services across Sydney and beyond. Exceptional customer service is part of the package that you can expect from Overhead Electrical.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at 0409 017 436. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!